Monday, June 21, 2010

Which Pajamas Are the Cat's Pajamas?

As a self-proclaimed pajama snob, I hate to admit this, but I am in desperate need of some new summer pajamas. My current nighttime attire: an old, gray cami that falls off of me because it's so stretched out and a pair of Target drawstring pants with pictures of pandas on them. Every time my sister sees these pants, she asks me what I was thinking. I guess I was thinking that pandas are kind of cute, and I'm too broke to buy some nice PJs.

Now, I know that at least half of you out there are wondering what the big deal is. Why don't I just throw on a tee and some sweats and call it a night? But from a young age, when my mom always bought me new pajamas for Christmas, I have been a big fan of real pajamas. I have all sorts of rules about the pajamas that I like, which I'm sure is way too boring (and weird) for me to go in to detail about. But the most important rule is no gowns. Also, I like both the tops and bottoms to be longish. I currently have some very cute Garnet Hill short pajamas, which I would recommend to anyone who wants to wear shorts to bed. Turns out that I don't.

So I'm on the hunt. Please help me out. Here are some options I've come up with, but I'm open to suggestions.

Simply Luxurious blogged about this pair of pajamas seen on Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. I am wary of any pajamas that I might have to iron, but I do like the nice, classic look. I think they would work all year round too, just wear the bottoms with a cami in the summer. But the price ($150!) is a little steep even for this pajama snob. Brooks Brothers has a similar pair, but they are only mildly cheaper at $138.

The Pioneer Woman (I know, my choices of pajamas and blogs may be a sign of schizophrenia) blogged about these pajamas. Punjammies are sold by the International Princess Project, which advocates for women who are enslaved in prostitution. The pajamas are made out of Indian Sari fabric by women who were formerly enslaved in prostitution.100% of the proceeds from Punjammies is used to support women who made them. I'm really leaning towards these right now. The pants are sold separately, but they also have some cute organic tees and camis for sale also. These seem a little more hip and fun (read: affordable) than the Frette pajamas. Plus who doesn't love shopping for a cause?

But I do have to say, that I love all things Garnet Hill. And I've been eying these PJs. Aren't they adorable? Blue and brown is one of my favorite color combinations. And they have butterflies. I think that's better than pandas, but I'll have to check with my sis.

So what do you all think? Like any of these? Or do you have other suggestions?


The Simply Luxurious Life said...

Okay, so I am a little bias. I am saving up for my dream pjs (Frette Rigato Ara) - hopefully by the end of the summer they'll be in the mail to my home, but I understand the need to have a more casual pair for wearing around the home in the morning, but still wanting to feel fabulous. However, luxury, luxury - as long as you feel fabulous in whatever you choose, it will be the perfect choice. Good luck with shopping! (And thank you for the mention. (I'll be including a link to your blog under Thanks for the Mention)

Shannon said...

Simply Luxurious Life,
Yes, the Frette would be so luxurious! Thanks for the link to my blog and all of your support!

Meredith said...

I love the Punjammies, the only problem is they are all so cute, hard to pick just one. Unlike you I do like short pj's and I may have to check out the set from Garnet Hill. Thanks for all of the great ideas and most of all thanks for finally trashing the pandas.

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