Monday, February 22, 2010

Comfy Duds Update

So I finally ordered a pair of Athleta Bettona jeans. The bad news is that they were too small, so I am having a hard time deciding if I like them are not. I have to say they are not overwhelming me. The fabric is 88% supplex nylon and 12% lycra spandex. I was hoping for a fabric that was a little more like the knit ponte that I recently bought from J. Jill. (Love!)

Also, the back patch pockets are a little small, and I don't love the metal rivet trim that is supposed to make these look like real jeans (I guess?). OK, so the more I am writing the less I am liking them. I still like the idea of something for the weekends that is dressier than sweats but more comfy jeans. I guess leggings serves that purpose anyway. But let me know if you have any suggestions.

Daily Randomness: So excited to find someone with my same philosophy about food. It seems like most people in this country have gone completely wacko on the subject.


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