Monday, February 15, 2010

In My Humble Opinion: Hip Tranquil Chick

I'm a little behind on writing about Hip Tranquil Chick: A Guide to Life On and Off the Yoga Mat, since the author Kimberly Wilson is currently on tour for her second book, Tranquilista. (Review coming soon.)

But I really wanted to write a little about this book, because it is such a nice combination of yoga, wellness, creativity, style and a little bit of business advice. This book really made me realize that you can combine all of those things. In fact, we do combine all of these things in real life. But often self-help books have a pretty narrow focus.

Kimberly is self-described as a "teacher, writer, do-gooder, entrepreneur, and eco-fashion designer." You can learn more about what she's up to on her blog Tranquility du Jour.

Even though I don't have the same style as Kimberly, I love that she seems so enthusiastic about her life and the things she loves and she makes no apologies. On her blog, she has mentioned several times that her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden. Not a very cool, or yoga-ish, thing to admit.

So go check out this book if you want a light (but serious) read that will get you inspired to take better care of yourself.

Daily randomness: Have you been watching the Olympics? I am loving the skiing and figure skating. Not so much the luge. I am now totally freaked out by it, plus it's a little boring to watch. What is your favorite Winter Olympics sport?
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