Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Give Yourself a Break

Over on the New York Times "Well blog," there is a post about a book called, Live a Little! Breaking the Rules Won't Break Your Health. The author Dr. Susan M. Love argues that most of us are actually living pretty healthy lives and that we shouldn't let all of the rules about health stress us out.

Now, I don't know about most of us, but I bet if you are reading this blog and you think a lot about your health, you are already pretty healthy.

And I agree that trying to keep up with all of the latest information about nutrition and exercise can make us nuts. It certainly make me nuts sometimes. So I hope to read this book and I'll get back to you on Dr. Love's ideas about how to Live a Little!

Important Daily Randomness: My thoughts and best wishes to go out to the people of Haiti. If you can help out, please go to the Red Cross Web site and donate now. Every little bit helps.
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