Monday, January 23, 2012

My Trip to Canyon Ranch Miami

I was very lucky last year because my sister took me to Canyon Ranch Miami for my birthday. It was a great trip, as you can imagine. But at the time I wasn't really blogging, so I decided it was about time I do some posts about my visit.

Canyon Ranch is one of the biggest names in spas. I think I first heard of Canyon Ranch on the Oprah show. The original resort was in Tucson. My sister and I prefer beaches over deserts, so we decided to go to Miami instead. There is also a Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, and there are Canyon Ranch SpaClubs in Las Vegas and on some cruise ships. We'll talk more about that later.

My sister dealt with the travel arrangements, but I believe she purchased a weekend package that included a certain dollar value worth of spa services. She told me that the staff at the resort were very helpful in assisting her and helping her find the package that was right for us. After she made the reservation, we were contacted by a Canyon Ranch employee who helped us book our services for while we were there. They highly recommend that you make all of your appointments in advance of your stay, so that you get in everything that you want to do. Since the choices are a little overwhelming, the Canyon Ranch guy recommended some services to us. He gave great recommendations.

Once we were at Canyon Ranch, the service continued to be great. Everyone was super friendly, and helped us to feel comfortable and relaxed. Plus, as soon as we got to the hotel we got free tote bags and water bottles. What great souvenirs of our trip.

On my next post, I'll write about the accommodations.


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