Monday, June 15, 2009


Flower bowl in a SpaImage by BadrNaseem via Flickr

Welcome, to A Spa Life. This blog is all about rest, relaxation and pampering. It's not about rest and relaxation so that we can be better workers or parents or just people. If you, like me, are lazy enough to think that the reason we work is so we can relax, not the other way around, this is the blog for you. There will be posts on comfy (but stylish) clothes, simple beauty, at-home spa ideas, lazy recreation and, on a slightly more serous note, yoga, meditation and a tiny bit of spirituality. I will also provide spa reviews on the rare occasion I get to visit a real one. But hopefully, you all can help out with your own spa reviews to share.

Please join in the conversation and let me know what you would like to hear about. So everyone, let's get ready and relax!

I was so excited (and a little jealous) to see the spas posted at elements of style today. They all look gorgeous. I will put these on my wish list for when I win the lottery. I know, I know, you actually have to buy lottery tickets for that to happen. Anyway, enjoy and don't drool all over your computer! It's bad for your keyboard.

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